Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Movie Review: Chori Chori (Stealthily) (Hindi film) (1956)

A mildly interesting story made into a watcheable movie primarily due to the terrific chemistry between the 2 leads: Raj Kapoor and Nargis (that also supposedly flowed on from reel life to real life) and some great songs.

The storyline: a rich heiress on the run from her father (who disapproves of her affair with a ruffian) meets up with a journalist on the way and initial friction gives way to love. I think this was remade into an Aamir Khan-Pooja Bhatt film too.

But now to turn to the songs which are a highlight of the film

You can ignore an initial song featuring the actor Bhagwan. His lady companion’s dance will raise a few chuckles in the modern day and age but she is cute.

Having been patient you will be rewarded with the evergreen ‘Panchi Banoo Udti Phiroo Mast Gagan Main’

The awesome ‘Yeh Raat Bheegi Bheegi Yeh Mast Fizaeen’ is perhaps too intense for the situation the characters find themselves in. But by itself it worth multiple hears. I can watch Raj and Nargis again and again in this song. Their emoting is faultless to my conception.

‘Yeh to batao ke tum mere kaun ho’ is a terrific fun-filled romp where Raj and Nargis get to act as puppets

The great chemistry between both Raj and Nargis is very evident by now. No wonder even the Russians were enamoured. Nargis and Raj Kapoor of course were very popular in the erstwhile USSR

The mellifluous ‘aaja sanam Madhur chandni mein hum’ is captivating

‘Rasik Balma’ is Lata’s voice across the boundless space and across the ages

And yes, there is also a beautiful classical Bharata Natyam piece in between that has no relation to the scenes that precede and those that follow. Its probably an attempt by the South Indians (this movie is produced by them and Bharata Natyam is from the south) to bring culture to the otherwise barbaric north


Raj Kapoor
Pran (who interestingly appears in the credits after Bhagwan)
David (the genial Jew in a blink-and-miss role)
Johny Walker

Screenplay and Dialogues: Aga Jani Kashmiri
Songs: Hasrat Jaipuri and Shailendra
Music: Shankar Jaikishen
DoP: V.N.Reddy
Produced: L.B.Lachman
Directed: Anant Thakur


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bollyviewer said...

This was a remake of a 1934 Hollywood classic It Happened One Night and was remade several times with both of RK's younger brothers taking turns to play the dashing hero! The Aamir-Pooja version (Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin) was probably the last remake and the one I liked best (this one has the best songs, though).