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OshoSpeak – 2009: #1

From ‘Meeting the Ultimate’ – Diamond Pocket Books

……..As far as I am concerned, my feeling is that his disciples were fast asleep – and Jesus had tried everything to wake them up and they would not wake up. Hence, he had chosen the last resort of a master. Perhaps his life cannot help. There is no harm in taking the chance – maybe what life has not been able to do and perform, death succeeds in doing.

And it succeeded – the shock not only made an impact on the disciples but on sympathizers, on curiosity mongers, on people who were absolutely neutral, on people who had never thought about Jesus Christ……….Where do you think so many Christians have come from? Their basic number has come from the Jews.

When Jesus was alive…………not a single Rabbi recognized him. Not a single man of reputation…because everyone was afraid……But when he was crucified – and crucified in such a primitive and ugly way that it shocked the whole nation – even those who were in opposition felt that what had happened was not right…………Thousands of Jews who had never paid any attention to Jesus became Christians, and the basic number came from Judea.

Perhaps the strategy of crucifixion worked. And for a man like Jesus, life and death don’t matter. What matters is that he has found something and he wants to share it – but it is so difficult to find somebody willing to share life’s greatest blessings and benedictions.

According to Eastern mystics and seers, every being is potentially a god.

In fact, Sushrut, the greatest surgeon the East has produced………..7000 years have passed since Sushrut was alive. According to Sushrut………… learned the art of anesthesia from the common death

Seeing that everybody becomes unconscious before dying, it became a clue. It means that such a great surgery is going to happen that the man may not be able to withstand it consciously. It is better to let him go deep into sleep, and in that sleep the transfer of the soul is easier.

That is why you don’t remember your past life, because that gap of unconsciousness functions as a barrier. So it has two functions. It helps you to be moved from one body to another body. It has another function also: that gap of unconsciousness is so deep – the deepest possible – that it becomes a block to the memories of your past life. Because those memories are risky….

Is there anything like destiny in life or do we create our future moment to moment?

It all depends on you.
If you behave mechanically, unconsciously, life has a destiny. Then you are simply following a certain program that your biology, your physiology, your chemistry, your hormones, have given to you. You appear to be free but you are not.

A man because he is conscious can choose any moment a different direction, can choose to be something else than what the astrologers have predicted.

And that’s why we call the man who is enlightened, liberated – liberated from the chains of destiny


From ‘Love and Meditation’ – Diamond Pocket Books

That is the mystery of the Koran.
Mohammed thought that he had heard it –
and he was right.
And Mohammedans are wrong
if they think God was speaking.
…………….Nobody was speaking

But when your mind is silent,
from the very depths of our being arises the answer.
And it is so deep, so beyond your so-called mind,
that you feel that you have heard it.
It has come to you.
It has been revealed to you

Hindus have always been saying
that your real Master is within u.
And the outer Master is just trying
to bring your inner Master up.

Be more meditative.
Be more silent.
Allow more and more stillness to penetrate you.

Yes, Gurdjieff has said
that a woman cannot attain
except through a man –
and he is right……..
because female energy differs from male energy.

…..this is not a question of equality or inequality –
this is a question of difference.
Woman are not lower than men
because they cannot attain directly;
man is not lower than woman
because he cannot give birth to a child directly.
…………They are simply different and this is a fact

Why is it difficult for woman
to attain enlightenment directly?
And why for man is it possible
to attain enlightenment directly?

There are two ways………
which lead to enlightenment.
One is meditation and the other is love.
……….Love needs another; meditation can be done alone
Man can achieve through meditation –
that’s why he can achieve directly.
He can be alone. He is alone deep down.
For a woman, to be alone is difficult…….almost impossible
Her whole being is a deep urge to love,
and for love, the other is needed
……..if love exists around a woman, it nourishes her.
Whenever a woman feels that love is not there,
she is simply starving, suffocating;
the whole being shrinks.
So a woman can never think that loneliness can be blissful

Existence itself is divine –
then from where does the evil come?
the good is okay
because we have made it synonymous with God –
……..but from where does the bad come?
This has puzzled humanity for centuries.
………The logical solution………that the mind can find
is to divide existence, to create a duality,
to say that there is a God, which is good,
and there is evil……which is bad
Mind thinks the problem is solved…………
…………If God is the creator,
then he must have created the Devil
…….or God is not the supreme creator.

And the Devil has been always there,
just as an enemy, the antagonistic force –
then both are eternal………
so the conflict will continue eternally.
God cannot win – the Devil will be always there disturbing.

This is the problem for Christian theology,
Mohammedan theology, Zoroastrian theology,
because all these three theologies
have followed the simple solution that mind suggests.
There is another possibility…………
That possibility has arisen in the East,
particularly in India,
and the possibility is
that there is no Devil, there is no basic duality –
only God exists, there is no other force

This is what advait – the non-dual philosophy – means
only God is.
Hindus say
that the evil exists in your interpretation,
not in itself.
You call it bad because you cannot understand it,
or because you are disturbed by it.
It is your attitude that makes it bad, or appear bad.
There is no evil. Evil cannot exist.
Only God exists, only the divine exists.

And when I say ‘God’,
I don’t mean a person sitting somewhere up in the sky
This is an anthropocentric attitude:
we conceive of God in our own image.
There is nobody sitting there.
God means the whole, the totality of existence.

A bad man breathes as beautifully as a good man
And a sinner is as accepted by existence as a saint.
Existence makes no differentiation
But because of dualistic thinking
- Christian, Mohammedan, Zoroastrian –
we think in terms of conflict

For existence,
there is no interpretation and no division
Good and bad are human conceptions, not divine

See, observe a little child touching his toes –
and happy, happy as you can never be
even if you go to the moon.
He has discovered his body!
He touches his toe, enjoys it, brings it to his mouth -
mm? – because these are the ways he discovers.
He will taste it, smell it, touch it.

But when he comes to his sexual parts,
parents become disturbed
That disturbance is in the parents, not in the child.
He does not make any distinctions –
toe or the sexual organ are the same.
Whenever a child, boy or girl, touches the sexual organs
immediately we say: Don’t touch!
We remove the hand.
The child is shocked………….
He cannot understand what you are doing.

and this will happen many times.
You are hammering into the child
that something in his body has to be rejected,
the sexual part of the body is bad.
The child will grow,
but he will never be able to accept his sexual organs.
And if you cannot accept your body in its totality,
there will be problems……….
he will move into the sexual act,
but there will be guilt………something wrong is going on.

Be alert.
Give more freedom
…………..And when your child flowers into a yes-sayer,
or a no-sayer………
because there have been beautiful no-sayers:
Nietzsche is a no-sayer – but beautiful!
………..He cannot say yes.
It is difficult for him.
No is his whole being.

Buddha is a no-sayer
He said: There is no Brahma,
there is no soul, there is no world.
You cannot find a greater no-sayer.
………He goes on saying no, goes on eliminating.
It is very difficult to find a yes from him – impossible.
But what a beautiful being evolved out off that no!

………….There have been yes-sayers,
the devotees – the bhaktas: Meera, Chaitanya
or Jesus! or Mohammed! – these are yes-sayers
If you are a no-sayer,
then Buddhism will be a great help to you.
If you are a yes-sayer,
then Buddhism cannot help you at all;
it will be destructive.
Christianity can help, Hinduism can help.

In America, every 3 years on average
people are moving.
This is the most nomadic civilization that has ever existed:
vagabonds – no house, no family, no town, no village
……….wherever you go you are a stranger.
…………..Sitting in a group…………touching each others bodies,
you become part of the community
………….A hundred people dancing, touching each other,
moving around each other, become one.
They merge. The ego is dissolved for a few moments –
that merger becomes a prayerful thing.
In the East, people are in the community too much.
So whenever they want to be religious,
they want to go to the Himalayas.
The society is too much around.
They are not fed up with themselves,
they are fed up with the society
This is the difference.
In the West, you run to the society;
in the East, people run from the society
That’s why lonely methods, individual methods
have existed in the East;
group methods are in existence in the West

One Zen Master was asked: What is meditation?
He said: When I am hungry, I am hungry
and when I feel sleepy, I fall asleep
there is no division………….
No fight with life, no resistance -
surrender, floating, becoming a white cloud
That’s what Krishna says to Arjuna:
Do whatsoever happens to you,
whatsoever the situation demands, do it.
and forget the doer
Don’t think: I am doing;
rather, think: God is doing through me.
A mirror never thinks:
When another man comes in front of me,
what am I going to do?
There is no need!
The mirror is there – it will mirror
If intelligence is there
you will never think about the next problem,
because when the problem will be there,
you will have intelligence –
the intelligence will respond.
You can rely on it
a Buddha never thinks – there is no need!
Whatsoever life brings before him, he responds.

Life is just like birds flying in the sky.
They never leave any mark, there is no path
When they have flown,
the sky is as vacant as it was before.

Resources (the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna)

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