Friday, April 11, 2008

Say It With Numbers: #7-2008

  • Neanderthals and humans split from their common ancestor as long as 400,000 to 350,000 years ago, concludes a new study.
  • India
    • Over 73% of India’s population is rural
    • Has 16% of the worlds population but only 2.5% of the world’s area
    • Poverty is at 27.09% in rural areas and 23.62% in urban areas
    • There are about 12-13 judges per million population in India. In US and UK the number is between 100-150
    • Has a coastline of 7600 kms
  • Countries are considered water scarce if availability falls to 1000 cubic metre per person per annum. In India the figure is at 1250, down from 6000 in 1947
  • [On the Dalai Lama]….’When he speaks of suffering, its as one who has seen his land destroyed, up to 1.2 million of his people killed, and all but 13 of his 6,254 monasteries laid waste.’ – Pico Iyer
  • Khmer Rouge…..responsible for the deaths of 1.7 million Cambodians during their 4 years in power.
  • Bolivia
    • suffers from the worst rural poverty in the world (97% of the people in the countryside, according to the UN).
    • has had 188 changes in government in 157 years
    • 35% of its children can't read or write
  • As of 1979, fewer than 2000 Westerners had been to Tibet in its entire history
  • Easter Island is the loneliest inhabited island in the world, 1300 miles from its nearest neighbour (Pitcairn, population 65)
  • Sabeer Bhatia sold Hotmail to Microsoft for $ 390 million

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